beach-athletics-flip-flops.pngThis weekend, along with many other bewildered, sun-struck residents of the UK, I found myself on a beach. It was all very pleasant, but nevertheless a sudden culture shock for my poor feet which have been mostly covered by socks and winter boots since about November. Happily there was a branch of Office near the seaside in question, so I was able to go equipped with some fantastic new flip-flops - made by a company called Beach Athletics.

Shown above in three lovely bubblegum colours, the 'Sandy' flip-flops are made from some of the softest but most resilient materials we've yet experienced in a beach shoe. Here's the science bit! Their exact composition is "a double layered PU sole combining water blown polyurethane with a gel compound providing excellent damping efficiency, memory characteristic and a much higher load bearing capacity than EVA". Gosh, well it certainly feels good on the toes, even when navigating sharp pebbles.

I love all kinds of flip-flops and won't be hanging up my iPanemas or Havaianas any time soon (I have quite a collection as they're mercifully cheap and easy to store) but these might just be my new footwear BFFs for 2012. If you'd like a pair of your own you can buy them for £20 at Office.