daisy-sandals.pngDare we say it? Dare we actually mention the news that broke today? Of course we can! That news is that it didn't rain in much of the UK today; making it the first dry day for many weeks. And to celebrate, we're all wearing sandals today. It feels quite freeing to have finally shed those heavy boots and socks...Now it really is time for a pedicure and a return to glorious open-toed shoes!

While the prospect of spring has become more of a real one, we've also been scouring our favourite haunts for suitable footwear here at Shoewawa HQ today, and a style that's gone straight to the top of the list is this light pink flower sandal (£35) at River Island. They're fun, summery and have a smattering of Miu Miu about it that we can't help but fall in love with. The centre of each 'flower' is full of sparkling diamante studs. 

Are you stepping into your sandals yet, or does it feel a little too much like tempting fate?