jubilee-style.pngAs the Diamond Jubilee approaches, things are taking an interesting turn in the fashion world. Focus has shifted a little from Kate Middleton and the younger Royals, while the Queen is taking her rightful place as fashion muse. Britannia is cool again, and regal symbols, heritage patterns and all kinds of home-grown fare are being celebrated and cherished by our favourite designers and brands. It's hard not to feel inspired! But how can you get in on the patriotic action if you can't afford a crown of your own? 

Happily, one thing us Brits still excel at is thrift, and there are plenty of easy ways to get a bit of Jubilee style in your wardrobe without breaking the bank. All it takes is some attention to your colour scheme and some carefully-chosen motifs, perhaps a few subtle floral accents and you'll fit right in at any Jubilee party.

Step one is picking out plenty of red, white and blue accents, and making sure all three key colours are somewhere in your outfit. Keep your footwear simple, and you can add embellishments elsewhere: Matalan's range of summer wedges and casual flats have the Union Jack shades covered, so you can go to town accessorising for a great British summer look (don't forget your wellies!) Pictured above are a few of our wallet-friendly faves:

Colour block spot wedge: £18
Tick Strip Upper court wedge: £16
Red patent ballet flats: £6
Nautical stripe floral ballet bow: £10

To finish off the look, add a Union Jack Shopper (this one is just £3.99) and you're good to go! 

Post brought to you in association with Matalan