nicholas-kirkwood-loafers.pngWe're used to being dazzled by platforms and killer heels, but I always think it's even more impressive when a designer manages to elicit that same enthusiasm from a flat shoe. These pilgrim style loafers by Nicholas Kirkwood are a shining example: they're so decorative, stylish and daringly different. If you simply must have them, they've just appeared on Net-a-Porter, where they are yours for £460.

There really is so much to love about these shoes: the basic silhouette is of course enormously trendy at the moment, but they've been decorated in a really unusual way: in particular, the way the two tones are separated by a piece of black ric-rac is a wonderfully playful bit of design ingenuity. And we love that he's let himself go crazy with the all-colour glitter on the toe - as any Art teacher will no doubt tell you, a little of that stuff can go a very long way!