london-skyline-tights.pngWhen Henry Holland kicked off the 'mock stocking' trend a few years ago, we all thought he'd gone a bit crazy. Fast forward a year or two and the look is everywhere - including at high street haven M&S, who have done something fantastically creative with them for 2012. Behold the London Skyline tights!

Priced at £9.50 from the chain's uber trendy Limited Collection range, the tights are almost too cute for us to resist in a season to celebrate all-things British. What we love best about them is how this patriotic note is achieved so subtly: seen from a distance, the shapes at the top of the 'stockings' look fairly abstract, but if anyone does happen to get up close enough, they'll be able to recognise the iconic silhouettes of St Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben and even Battersea Power Station! That's quite a lot of detail for one pair of tights. 

london skyline tights.jpg

Check out the full range of Limited Collection tights here, including a fabulous crown-print pattern and several variants on the Union Jack. Cool Britannia rules the high street!