pollini-louise-grey.pngSome shoes were just made to be looked at, and we can't take our eyes off these ugly-beautiful flatforms, spotted over at ASOS. The brainchild of designer Louise Gray and Pollini, the peeptoe flatforms are a whirlwind of influences that sit together in an oddly pleasing way.

First, there's the serrated sole that features in so many of Pollini's designs for summer 2012. Then there's a bold orange raffia twist, finished off by that absolutely crazy plaited trim around the edge. There's so much going on here it's almost dizzying, but we have to applaud their originality. Here's another colourway in a subtly different silhouette to compare:


Again, there's an absolute riot of colour going on here, each shade carefully chosen to contrast against the next with maximum impact. The second shoe is a little more sophisticated and evening-friendly, with its concealed patent toe and high ankle strap: both guaranteed to make a statement. They are both priced at £495.