raffia-shoes.pngOne trend you can't fail to notice this spring/summer is the raffia and seagrass look that's evolved not only from the soles of espadrilles and other sandals, but to all over the main body of the shoe. This is a style that's been bubbling under for several seasons now, but it's bigger than ever for 2012. Look out for raffia on built-up platforms, ankle straps, toe straps, and all any other square inch of shoe: it's being used as a decoration, dyed vivid shades of pink and blue, or just left natural 'blonde' as here.

One of our absolute favourite examples of the look is this beautiful wedge sandal from Ralph Lauren Collection. Available at £475 at Net-a-Porter, it's a defining style for the summer. If you want to get the look for less, you shouldn't have to look too far: Topshop's 'Weaver' wedge (£65) is a brave attempt at getting the look and we think they've done a great job with the style, pictured below:topshop-raffia-wedge.png

Alternatively, if you want something a little less 'raw' looking that you could carry on wearing into the evening, try Daniel Gold's 'Optiums' women's wedge, £89 from Daniel Footwear for a glamorous take on the style with some shiny gold accents.