shoe-sale-dorothy-perkins.pngOur eagle-eyed sale scouts have been homing in on Dorothy Perkins this week, where all footwear is being sold with a 20% reduction in price. We can't comment on whether this move is related to the huge drop in footwear sales; an effect being attributed to the awful UK weather, but whatever prompted it, we're not going to complain - as Dotty P's footwear offering is really strong this summer.

Great buys in the flash sale (or should that be 'flash flood sale'?) include pieces that are highly suited to the current weather, such as the Union Jack Wellies; now just £18.40 from £23, which will be ideal for the 'washout Jubilee' we've all been told to prepare for.

But there are styles for the more optimistic spring shopper too - or, indeed, those who are escaping the gloom to go on holiday somewhere warm. Our favourite colour block espadrille wedges are included, bringing their prices down to just £23.20 from £29.

The weather could change at any time (well, here's hoping) so when it comes to shoes, you've got to be prepared for sunshine or showers. Why not get both covered for less in this rather tempting sale?