seahorse-sandals.jpgWelcome back to Shoe Tube, the fun feature where our scouts spot the best footwear fashion on London's underground rail network! And with temperatures in the trains rising to well over 30 degrees in the heatwave this week, we've seen some impressive examples of sandals, flipflops and other barely-there shoes.

This morning we couldn't help getting excited about the pair of seahorses that hopped on to the Central Line in the morning rush hour, however, which grabbed our attention as they sparkled and shone. We quickly identified the sandals as being none other than the 'Flounder Seahorse Shoes' from Miss Selfridge; a style we weren't too sure about when it came out early in the spring, but having seen how lovely they look in situ (and just how amazingly sparkly they are) we've now fallen hook, line and sinker for the seaside sandals.

Have you seen any interesting shoes on public transport lately? Tweet at us over at @shoewawa with your pics!