river-island-stud-sandal.pngWe do love spiky studded sandals - of all kinds. But this particular style that recently dropped in store at River Island is particularly wonderful, and amazing value for money too! The super eye-grabbing shoes are just £35, and have more than a shade of the Jeffrey Campbell about them. There are so many colours blended together on the pointy studs (count 'em!) and the straps are arranged in a really interesting way.

There's really nothing bad to say about these shoes unless you're a bit of a wallflower who doesn't enjoy appreciative comments on your footwear. I'd love we have these shoes to hand for jazzing up the more basic summer outfits I reserve for particularly hot days (you know the thing: a dull but cool pair of culottes, a baggy tee) and making my feet do all the talking with an instant hit of colour: team with a rainbow of nail polish colours for an even more explosive effect!