m&s_insolia.pngHere's a confession: I never usually wear high-heeled sandals. Wedges are great and I can just about manage tree-trunk heels, but anything slimmer than that, and I'm a walking liability. Perhaps it's my wider-than-average feet, or perhaps they just tend to be too uncomfortable for my exacting standards - either way I tend to avoid them.

When I was recently given the chance to review some summer sandals from Marks & Spencer, however, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try out these rather slender-stemmed sandals from the Autograph range. I'd had great experiences with their Insolia shoes in the past (essentially killer heels that don't kill!) so wondered if this could be my chance to finally master the high heeled sandal! I loved the look of the shoes, which are a little bit sports-luxe Stella McCartney, so this was definitely the look for me. 

Fortunately, the shoes have exceeded my expectations! They're incredibly comfortable from the moment you pull them on, partly thanks to the thick elasticated straps that hold the front of the foot securely in place, but also because of the Insolia technology that makes the heels kinder on the feet. There is none of the soreness I tend to get on the front bone (whatever that bone is called!) at the front of my feet as the materials used to make them are so soft: the mesh is breathable and cool for hot days, too. I've even run for the bus in them without incident...

The style of the shoes is summer 2012 through and through, with the sporty materials and thick bandage-style straps. They are also available in white, which brings this look through even more strongly. The shoes practically mould to the feet, and now the warm weather has arrived, I can't see me taking them off any time before September!