hannah-freeman.pngShow us your Shoes has been on a break recently. Not because we don't want to show off all our latest footwear purchases (as if!) but because the weather has forced us into boring winter boots and scuffed-up old shoes for weeks on end - and we'd hate to force you to look at that. But now the sun has come out to play we're back in our newest summer 2012 shoe purchases, and we can't wait to see what you think of our choices!

This week's edition includes some really exciting recent purchases from our shoe-loving team, including pieces from Giuseppe Zanotti, Jones the Bootmaker and many more labels and designers besides!

If you want to be included in a future Show us your Shoes, just email us a lovely picture of you in your favourite shoes (close-ups on the footwear as we've done here, please!) or tweet us at @shoewawa with the image you'd like us to use.