wet-weather-shoes.pngThe weather...who knows what it's going to do next? this weekend much of the UK was bathed by sunshine, but now it seems it's business as usual with dull skies and a downpour every couple of hours. What on earth are we supposed to be wearing in this constantly changing, meteorological hell? Should you 'splash out' on brand new waterproof items or struggle on with what's left of your winter gear, refusing to replace it so late in the year whether it's falling to bits or not?

Our grand wardrobe plans for spring may have been completely blown out of the water, but as far as footwear is concerned, you need not despair. Plenty of shoe styles work well all year around, as long as you're prepared to shelve the sandals for now. Here are a few of our favourite all-weather shoes and boots you can buy now to avoid the pain of pulling on your winter footwear in May.

High and Dry

Perhaps the designers were on to something when they introduced the flatform style for 2012? One clear advantage to high-soled footwear is that it keeps your feet dry, along with the fabric of your clothing and the uppers of your shoes. So whether you want to go for creepers, trainers or even sandals, a platform or flatform style is a great choice when rain is on the cards. Check out these super-high Underground Creepers at Office, for example! This style from ASOS may be more to most tastes while still being high enough to keep you dry.

DM (and DM-alike) boots

There are some great DM-style boots out there at the moment, and most materials used to make the iconic British boots are wonderfully waterproof as well as being totally on trend. You can wear these boots all year around, either with shorts and bare-legged skirt outfits, or with your jeans or warmer clothes in winter. Check out the DM site for all the latest styles: you'll pick them up new from around £90.

If you don't want to spend the full amount on a pair of boots at this time of year you might want to check out Daniel Footwear's Cartina patent boot which is available online for just £39: it looks very much like a shiny DM, but without the usual price-tag.

Plastic Fantastic

The Vivienne Westwood/Melissa collaboration could have been made for the English 'summer', as could the new Ted Baker range of plastic footwear. There is also the Mel range for those looking for fashion forward PVC shoes. Each collection has its own signature scent locked into the material, and they're a great addition to eclectic outfits.

Have a pair or two of these in your wardrobe and you'll be able to wear all your favourite summer outfits without having to ruin them with wintery looking waterproof shoes or wellies. These styles are particularly great for days when it's warm but wet.