McQ-shoes.pngIt's Thursday morning, which means it's time to play 'guess the owner' on today's pair of celebrity shoes. Can you guess who wore these stunning McQ heels to a premiere here in London last night? Whoever it is certainly has a style we want to covet!

The jet black pumps, which are decorated with a brogue imprint and a rugged razor-edge tread, are by McQ: Alexander McQueen's more youthful, edgy spin-off label. We'll let on that their wearer is certainly young - and has already undertaken some very edgy roles in her time on the big screen. The shoes, with their heavy ankle clasps and sky high heels have more than a hint of bondage about them, and frankly we wonder what our starlet's mother would think of her wearing such adult-themed footwear!

Hopefully, she'd agree that they are some seriously kick-ass shoes...

But who is she? Do you think you can guess?

Scroll on to reveal the answer!


It's Chloe Moretz, whose remarkably hot footwear choices have impressed us before (remember the Rupert Sanderson flame sandals she wore at Critics' Choice?) The 15-year-old actress looked all grown up at last night's Dark Shadows premiere, and the shoes were just the start. check out the rest of her amazing look at our sister site Catwalk Queen!