Today's Whose Shoes quiz has a small clue attached, in the form of a small line of text tattooed on their owner's right foot. We can't tell you what the text translates as, but we can tell you that today's celebrity guess-who is none of the other stars with foot tattoos we've recently talked about. We weren't actually aware that this lady had ink, but in such minimalist sandals, little is left to the imagination!

So little, in fact, that her toes are looking more than a little battered in this photograph, which certainly isn't the most flattering ever taken of the lady in question! What we will say is that what she does for a profession has probably taken its toll on her poor feet over the years, so the slightly sore looking heels and toes are no real suprise and certainly nothing a good pedicure wouldn't address! The shoes themselves are an amazingly basic sandal style which is never easy to pull off - and we think they look fabulous against the red carpet. But who IS she?

Think you know the answer? Check back in at 4pm to find out if you were right!

[Image: GETTY]