pied-a-terre-sandal.pngWedges, wedges everywhere...if you only want to embrace one style this season we've got to say the wedge is perhaps the most crucial and iconic footwear trend for 2012, and brands like Pied-a-Terre are combining comfort with style and wearability in really interesting ways.This style has a really subtle Jeffrey Campbell-esque silhouette going on, without the associated walking difficulties! You can pick them up at John Lewis for £140.

What's lovely about this style is not only the clever choice of pastel pink and chocolate brown reptile splodges, but the tidy seagrass edging, tilted forward aspect and fashionable built-up t-bar strap. Being made by Pied-a-Terre, we can pretty much guarantee that the quality is superb too, which makes the shoes so much easier on your battered summer feet!