louboutin-perspex-shoes.pngChristian Louboutin's outstanding shoe designs still manage to impress even when mostly invisible, as these perspex slingback heels ably demonstrate. The small 'cone' of hot pink leather at the toe gives a clever trompe l'oeil effect from a distance, whie the scarlet heels give off the unmistakable Louboutin vibe.

Yours to buy for £375 at Matches Fashion, these are a fun pair of shoes that pick up on A-lister Hollywood style and the season's obsession with all things sheer, transparent and barely-there. Just be sure you book a pedicure before you plan to wear them!

The Parisian designer has been making headlines again this week with the news that his Christian Louboutin shoe exhibition has broken visitor records at the Design Museum in London, attracting more than 38,000 shoe-loving visitors in the two months of its opening. If you'd like to see the exhibition before it finishes, be sure to book soon as it will close on the 1st July. Information on booking can be found over at the Design Museum site