dip-dye-shoes.jpgDip dye is a trend that's encompassing everything this season, from hair to clothes, accessories and shoes. We just can't get enough of those gradients! You won't have any trouble finding cool dip-dyed products on the high street, but if you've got more of a crafty streak and want to save a few pennies in the process, there's a great little tutorial to follow over at Erin Loechner's inspiring Design for Mankind blog.

In just three simple steps, Erin instructs on how to turn a plain pair of plimsolls - the sort you could by for less than £10 in Primark - into the utterly on-trend kicks pictured above. Some of the materials required by the tutorial are a little unusual, so you're unlikely to have them lying around at home, but all are easy to acquire and cheap to buy online: to achieve that professional dip-dyed look you'll need to first get hold of some rubber cement, which retails at around £5 a bottle and protects the shoe's soles while you're colouring the fabric. 

Other than that, it's just a matter of getting hold of the dye, which you should be able to find find in any craft shop: Erin has used a dye called 'Kool Aid Strawberry' for the pink and Rit Powder for the blue. Both come out in perfect pastel shades.

See the full tutorial here!