faguo-trainers.pngWith the weather steadfastly refusing to play ball here in Blighty this summer, trainers are becoming our go-to shoes for those casual days when we'd normally be wearing sandals or flip-flops, so unless you're wildly optimistic about an improved outlook from here on in, now could be a good time to invest in some stylish, all-year-round casual shoes.

Everyone has their favourites when it comes to casual brands, but if you're keen on exploring the more eco-friendly options out there, there's a wealth of super stylish options that tend to be slightly off the beaten track of trainers - great if you don't have a particular desire to fit in with the Nike/Adidas uber trendy street crowd.

One such brand is Faguo, a chic French brand that's using a carbon offestting model to keep it green. Its trainers and casual shoes have a laid-back yet fashion forward look that's sure to appeal to those who love TOMs, Simple Shoes and other casual brands with a conscience: you can pick up this lovely 'Oak Hawaii' style at Sarenza here in the UK for £60.