dm-wellies.pngThe decidedly soggy weather conditions of 2012 have dictated a bit of a change in attitude towards rainproof footwear here in the UK. We're spending a lot more on stylish boots and wellies, and big brands with their heads screwed on are getting in on the action. Our favourite recent convert to waterproof style has got to be Doc Marten, and we're loving their new range of 'Drench' boots. In fact, we can't imagine anything more suited to wearing on our feet at a festival this year!

Hunter boots are amazing but they're not for everybody, and we can imagine these slick boots that look just like the original DMs suiting a style-conscious grunge chick down to the ground. The bubblegum pink version pictured above is just the business - but we also love them in the other shades of black or brown. The best thing about the design of these boots is how faithful they are to the original 'Air Wear' style: you really do have to look twice to see that they are in fact wellies.

At £75, the Doc Marten drench boots are being sold at a competitive price for higher-end wellington boots, and we can see them being a massive hit over the rest of the *cough* summer.