jeffrey-campbell-roque.pngWe've all got our heads around Shoes without Heels now, so not wishing to be left behind on the design front Jeffrey Campbell seems to be blazing a trail for a whole new footwear trend: shoes that float! Or at least shoes that appear to have floating sections at first glance. Ah the clever use of perspex!

The 'Roque 2' style, which is available in black or neutral leather, combines a hollow wedge section with wide, clear straps and some flat utilitarian-looking studs. It would make a good summer shoe for those wanting to make a statement without making the heel redundant altogether, and with its snug-fitting front section, should be deceptively easy to wear.

If you can see yourself rocking this style in the summer, the shoes are available to UK customers via Solestruck for £122. They'd certainly be a good investment piece at the moment, while footwear trends become more and more avant-garde.