high_heel_nikes.pngJust as we've got our heads around wedge trainers - as worn recently by Lana Del Rey - a new footwear absurdity has appeared on the horizon: stiletto heeled trainers! And Nike are leading the way in interesting and colourful designs. Check out the decorative red, white and black 'Do the Dew' high heeled dunks pictured above: you can buy them online for £69 if you want to get in on this hard-to-pull-off but red hot trend.

Being essentially trainers, the shoes are actually quite easy to walk (or even run) in, despite their towering heels. The tips of the stilettos are also equipped with handy non-slip rubber coating, just like what you'd expect from your ordinary gym or training shoes. The padded soles and sides also make for a very comfortable ride.

But how do you wear them? The easiest way to team them is by adopting an all-over sport luxe look, but in these shades the trainers can also look awesome worn with neat skinny jeans or leggings. We recommend you don't wear them on the treadmill, however...the resulting injuries will not be a good look!