shoes-without-heels-gaga.pngIf you're determined to get the Lady Gaga heel-less look but don't have gar-gantuum funds at your disposal, you're well advised to head over to Boohoo, where these 'Danika' suedette cut-away wedges (pictured above left) will set you back just £40, as compared with the £505 you'll need to spend for the original Giuseppe Zanotti pair available from LuisaViaRoma and elsewhere.

We don't think we need to call the copyright police on this one, as the design is sufficiently different to make the shoes similar enough to work as a bargain buy without drifting into rip-off territory (do you agree?). This mostly comes down to the fact that the Boohoo version has a strap placed in a very different position making them more of a Mary Jane than an ankle strap shoe.

We like what they've done with these shoes: they're like a halfway house between the high end Zanotti/McQueen heelless shoes and Jeffrey Campbell's Night Walk - perhaps for those who aren't quite sure if they'll get on with them yet! After all, walking in shoes without heels can prevent a bit of a challenge for some, so we'd advice you to check out the useful little video at the end of this post before you decide to buy either pair!