kate_middleton_jubilee_dress.pngMuch has been written about the Duchess formerly known as Kate Middleton's attachment to her nude L.K Bennett heels. Kate clearly loves the versatile neutral court shoes, which have accompanied her on countless Royal engagements across the world - and they always look pristine.

We thought it was about time we collected together as many images of Kate in her trusty shoes as we could, so here are all the appearances we're aware of the shoes in her recent calendar of events. Some have criticised the Duchess for wearing the same 'boring' neutral shoes time and again, but we can't deny that they work like a dream with the vast majority of outfits she picks: from her dazzling red Alexander McQueen Jubilee dress to more sober numbers worn at official engagements.

Check out the gallery to see all our images of Kate in her L.K Bennett heels with some information on where to buy a pair of your own or a cheaper similar style to help you get the look for less. Now what we want to know is...how many pairs of these shoes does she have, really?

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