1920s-ladies-shoes.pngToday's Whose Shoes is turning us green with envy, as we're all coveting this particular star's glamorous silver-screen looks SO MUCH just now. That's not to say we don't have a style crush on her the rest of the time, but something about these vintage-inspired looks is really infectious. Just look at the detailing on those delightfully feminine shoes: the silver applique rambles all over the sides of the shoes and slightly touches the feet.

This one may be easier to guess than some, so all we're giving away is that she was wearing the sparkling satin shoes on a red carpet somewhere in LA this week, and the amazing heels were teamed with an equally authentic-looking 1920s flapper outfit complete with headband and pearls. You can make out the quality of the amazing silk dress she wore at the star-studded event, which took place last night.

Think you've got it? Read on to see if you were right...


katy_perry_2012.pngIt's Katy Perry, looking absolutely divine in her 1920s garb. Yay!

[Image: GETTY]