luxury-jones-boots.jpgCowboy boots will always hold a certain appeal, being a 'classic' style that evokes a particular era and attitude. These cut-down cowboys from Luxury Jones, however, are something quite new: we've never seen boots festooned with quite so many belts and ties before! Aren't they just crazy?

Neon, snakeskin and colourful tubing made from what looks very much like those bendy hair curlers that were big in the 90s decorate the classic vintage boots (Jones uses genuine pre-worn stock), which are stubby cowboy boots made from mostly brown and tawny leathers. The tops of the boots are protected by a sort of pale lether spat. As the boots are made from up-cycled pairs and customised by hand, every resulting pair is unique.

Whatever you may think of these boots, they are selling like hotcakes over on Solestruck in the states, so take a look at the full range and have a think about whether you'd wear them. We just can't make up our minds on this one and really want to know what you think!