mary_jane_brogues.pngOpposites attract? The combination of masculine-inspired brogue styling and the ultra-feminine Mary Jane silhouette works harmoniously on these patent heels from Faith, available in either classic black or summer-friendly peach. You can buy them in either colourway from Debenhams at £50.

These smart but sassy shoes are a great way to add a little neatness to your look without coming across as too boring or staid. This makes them ideal work shoes for the summer season, when you don't want your footwear too look too heavy or clonky - even when you might be expecting rain.

As ever, the single strap makes for practical and easy wearing in spite of the sizeable heel, which is also offset by a concealed platform. Wear these with a pleated skirt or tea dress to give a really laid back summer vibe that will work just as well in the boardroom as in your favourite restaurant or bar after hours. They'll also do good service at summer weddings and garden parties. Sweet!