myvale-uk.pngWhen it comes to finding shoes that comfortably suit your feet, there's a lot more to bear in mind than shoe size alone. Just ask anyone who's ever squished their feet into an ill-fitting shoe that was 'supposed to fit' (and that's all of us, right?) The thing is, nobody has perfect, cookie-cutter feet, but most shoes are still made to a one-shape-fits-all model, forcing our feet to simply fall into line.

But does it really have to be this way? We've all enjoyed that rare stroke of luck where we find a shoe that fits our feet like a glove, and it's like discovering the holy grail of footwear - but shouldn't that perfect fit be the norm? What if every pair we wore was created specially for the unique contours of our individual feet?

A German company has made that footwear dream a reality, creating custom footwear that fits perfectly to the natural curves of your feet. myVALE is their name, they've been shortlisted for a Draper's Footwear Award this year, and I was intrigued by the concept so decided to give their custom flip-flops a go. Their method of creating an exact cast of each customer's foot to create the perfect shoes for them is really clever, and has already won them a Red Dot Design Award in the coveted 'product of the year' category.

Here's how it works!


After you've chosen the style you want, simply place an order online and sit tight while they send you a special shoe box filled with a foamy material. Here it is in its 'virgin' form pictured above! To create the prefect impression of your feet, you simply step in to each side of the foam-filled box, following the instructions that come with it. It's quite a pleasant sensation...a bit like stepping into fine sand!

Creating a cast of the feet in this way is great not only to get the shape and size absolutely right: it also helps to give the resulting shoe a high level or support that you don't normally get from flip-flops.


Once you've stepped on both sides of the box, you send it back to myVALE who scan and analyse the imprint to create a pair of bespoke shoes for you that will fit your feet perfectly The process is carried out in their own workshop in Germany, and the process generally take about two weeks.

With a price point that starts at £79, these are clearly a little more expensive than what you'd expect to pay for your average pair of flip-flops. But this cost reflects the fact that the shoes are made completely bespoke, they are hand-made and created using top quality materials, including real leather and other hard-wearing fabrics.

The resulting shoes are a joy to wear, and give perfect support along with comfort and style: we love the range of styles that come in both classic and modern designs, with an Australian-inspired laid back chic. I am already fully attached to my pair, and can see myself stubbornly refusing to take them off my feet until the first frost...

myvale-bamba.jpg If you'd like to try a pair of your own, you can shop the full women's collection here!