national-flipflop-day-havaianas.jpgHavaianas have declared it National Flip-flop Day, which you might say is a bit of a shame what with the gloomy weather out there. However, we do love our flip-flops, and if you'll allow us to tempt fate just a little, there is a strong rumour doing the rounds today that the weather may be about to turn a corner. There, we said it! The reason for the day is to celebrate 50 years of Havaianas: the Brazilian brand that has now become synonymous with flip-flops began life in 1962.

It can't be denied that flip-flops are becoming a more prominent and important part of our wardrobes. During a warm spell they become our go-to shoes, and over the past decade or so have become a much more acceptable form of footwear in all kinds of situations. Until fairly recently, flip-flops were seen as a beach and holiday shoe only here in the UK, but nowadays you'll see them on buses, trains, in the street and even in offices.

This means there are vastly more styles to choose from, and the shoes themselves are being made to last and withstand heavier use! This season we're loving the Na Rua style, pictured below, which you can buy for £22 at Havaianas:


But if you can't actually wear your flip-flops on National Flip-flop Day, how can you celebrate it? We've scoured our footwear knowledge base to find some of the most interesting facts about flip-flops, so we can dream about wearing them on the beach when our summer holidays roll around. Here's what we discovered!

Flip-flop facts

  • Flip flops were inspired by a type of Japanese shoe called a 'Zori' with rice straw soles
  • Havaianas always have a textured rice pattern on the foot bed to reflect this historical feature
  • The New Zealand term for flip-flops is 'Jandals' which is short for 'Japanese Sandals' 
  • In Australia and Canada flip-flops are called 'thongs'.
  • Havaianas introduced the Brazilian flag logo to their straps during the World Cup in 1988.
  • Most Flip-flops are made from plastic or rubber: Havaianas are the most famous rubber flip-flop brand while iPanema fly the flag for flip-flops made with soft PVC.