office_espadrilles.pngUK high street giant Office have a great seasonal offer on at the moment: £15 for two pairs of summer espadrilles, usually worth £10 each, which is not a bad price in itself. There are so many styles it's tricky to know which to chose, so as well as being great value, this is a very nice little deal for those of us who have trouble with decisions...

Espadrilles are easily one of the most versatile summer shoe styles you can buy, and for me they still evoke a certain foreign, French glamour and the balmy weather that tends to go with it. During that one warm weekend in May I saw these pieces flying off the shelves in the Brighton branch of Office, where sun-drenched shoppers were preparing for the beach.

As a lover of patterned shoes (but one who still struggles at mixing and matching prints) I can see myself going for one 'sensible' plain option - perhaps the beige or baby pink - then picking up more of a 'wildcard' for the second pair: I've got my eye on that tropical print at the moment. Which would you choose?

Make your decision here!