prometheus_premiere.pngWe loved this image captured at the Prometheus world premiere at the Empire Leicester Square right here in London last night. Bending that low in heels that high takes talent! But can you guess who the talented lady sporting the slinky shoes might be? She's certainly done a great job of teaming them with her gorgeous, shimmering blue dress.

If you're a particularly astute celeb-spotted, you might be able to take a clue from the small tattoo sitting on the edge of our star's right foot. We can also reveal to you that the strappy sandals (which also look incredible from the front) are by Dior as was the sparkly dress worn by the actress in question. We love the subtle styling on the soles and heel: a bit of 1920s Art-Deco style glamour provided through the layering of black leather on a shiny, mother-of-pearl surface.

But can you guess who shes is? Check in later when we reveal the answer!

[Image: GETTY]