redfoot-swarovski-offer.jpgThe most amazing sale offer we've seen this week comes from our friends at Redfoot Shoes, who are normally known for their fantastic folding flatties, but who also make rather lovely flip-flops. One of the styles we've been ogling since they first appeared in store are the Swarovski flip-flops - which have real Swarovski elements embedded in the rubber, which go wonderfully sparkly when you wear them on a sunny day. They usually cost £45.

Imagine our joy today then, when we saw that Redfoot had an offer on these shoes that has got us racing to our PCs to put in an order! You can now buy a pair for just £9.99 - or TWO pairs for £15.99. What a bargain! But it's a limited offer and we don't expect stock to last more than a few hours. If you'd love a pair of luxe Swarovski flip-flops to take on your beach holiday with you, this is definitely the best deal you're going to see before you go!

Head on over to Redfoot's website to buy a pair (or two) and use the code FLIPFLOP1 for a single pair or FLIPFLOP2 to take advantage of the two pairs for one offer. Yay!