Fans of Charlotte Olympia's beautiful and elegant heels, wedges and sandals will be thrilled to hear that the designer is holding one of her infrequent sample sales at the beginning of July in London. Details of the event are in the flyer below, which you can click to print and download:


Details of the event have been kept mostly under wraps, so we can't tell you at this stage what level of reduction you're likely to find on the shoes. What we can say is that this will be the best chance you'll have in a while to snap up the delicious footwear pieces loved by Beyonce, Natalie Portman, Kirsten Dunst and Katy Perry - with a much lower than retail price tag.

Charlotte Olympia's shoes have really wowed us this seasons with a selection of tropical prints and kitsch, kool-aid colours that just make us long to be on a beach somewhere warm and populated by stylish people. Candy stripes, floral prints and animal prints predominate, with a 50s vibe you can't help but love. So get the date in your diary and don't forget to come armed with a wad of cash or (if you're one of the few who still have one), your chequebook!

We hope to see some of you there at the sale next week!