tamara mellon choo.jpgShe's best known as the business brains behind Jimmy Choo, but it seems that Tamara Mellon has more footwear tricks up her sleeve yet. We heard whisperings back in November that the 44-year-old entrepreneur and style icon had a new venture on the cards, but now it looks like she's set to launch her own shoe line any day now...

The new collection, which will bear Tamara Mellon's name, is said to be in the final stages of preparation and Mellon herself has been busily sketching the designs over the past few months.

"The idea is that the line will simply be called Tamara Mellon and she's working on designs at the moment," says a source. "She has the concept all worked out and the idea is that she will be opening stand-alone shops. She's really at a very advanced stage with the project."

We can't wait to see what Mellon has dreamed up for this collection.