If you tuned in to yesterday's long-awaited women's beach volleyball matches, you'll probably have come away with roughly the same feeling we at Shoewawa did, i.e. "WOW that looks fun, when can we have a go?" We're a little bit short of beaches here in London besides the artificial one that's been set up on the Mall, but if you're lucky enough to be heading out to one any time soon, we can certainly recommend these gorgeous foot-massaging gel flip-flops by Beach Athletics for your suitcase...

Available in bright colours that look good enough to eat, these shoes are made from squishy PU with a surface similar to 'memory foam' that cushions the feet as you walk. They're great for the beach or for hanging around town on a warm day. Here's me in my new sky blue Beach Athletic flip-flops, teamed with a pair of cropped denim jeans:


If you'd like to bag a pair. they are £20, available in the UK from Office or at various online retailers. Your feet will love you for it!