charlotte_olympia_cat_shoes.pngWe know how much Shoewawa readers love Charlotte Olympia cat shoes, so here's a quick heads-up for those who don't want to fork out £500 or more for a genuine pair of their own. Budget shoe brand Chockers has just brought out a wedge shoe with a kitty face at the toe that's remarkably similar to the style that inspired it, and you can buy it here for just £32. 

If you're tempted by these high street 'homages', you might also want to check out Misguided's flat cat shoes which bear a striking resemblance to another Charlotte Olympia style: the much loved Kitty flats. These shoes are guaranteed to raise a smile from envious onlookers, and add a kooky and sassy touch to your outfit.

The platforms are ideal for summer 2012 and will also work well into autumn when we start donning more black and party dresses in the evenings. So pick up a pair of cute kitty shoes while they're still available and get ready to be the cat that got the cream!