coppafeel-dancing-in-heels.pngPicture the scene: 6.30am in a deserted Westfield Stratford as the sun makes its first tentative appearance in the sky. Suddenly, a flurry of activity on the bridge that leads in to the shopping centre from the shiny new Olympic Park.

Cue 300 girls, dressed to impress in skyscraper New Look heels in every colour of the rainbow strutting their stuff and cheering as they make their way across the bridge. And among them, one of our best-loved X-Factor duos of all time: 2 Shoes! What could possibly be going on here? 

The spectacle was all part of a new awareness campaign from Coppafeel; a charity that aims to get women better acquainted with their boobs in a bid to encourage earlier detection and prevention of breast cancer. Check out the awesome video below to get a 'feel' for yourself of the vibrant atmosphere on the day. Girl Power is back in town!

If you want to help get behind Coppafeel's campaign and help to educate women everywhere on the simple steps you can take to keep breast aware, then why not spread the word by sharing the video? We think it's all in a fantastic cause, and salute the 300 ladies who braved the drizzle and the early start to take part in this video. And, of course, to New Look, for donating so many pairs of glamorous shoes!