kate-middleton-2012.jpgTeam GB's women's soccer team has just proven beyond doubt that girls can be good at football, but it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge is keen to get in on the action, too! On a sports day visit to Bacon's College, along with her husband, Kate demonstrated her ball-control skills on the field earlier today - in a stylish but highly unsuitable outfit!

True to her high street roots, Kate was wearing a £35 Hobbs dress that has delighted bargain hunters - and duly sold out. No surprises there, then! But at time of writing the shoes she wore are still available to buy online: they were a pair of cream-coloured 'Imperia' espadrille wedges by Pied a Terre, priced at £80. 



We're all into our wedges in a big way here at Shoewawa just now, so it's good to see that Kate's down with our style! The style she's picked out here is particularly versatile and stylish, matching up well with summer outfits of all sorts. And if she can scoot around in them on a sports pitch we're guessing they're incredibly comfortable, too!

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