minimarket-shoes.pngWe haven't seen anything quite like these bold wedge pumps from Swedish brand Minimarket before now, so here they are in all their oddness for you to behold. The striped effect is actually made from layers of suede to form a series of pleats, which have been gathered around the front. The heel is concealed underneath all the fabric at the back, giving them that streamlined, futuristic appearance.

The shoes have recently landed at The Outnet, where they are now on sale at £192 from an original £480. Probably a sensible move: we can't see too many people flocking to buy these oddities at such a high price, but we can certainly imagine a small number that these would suit perfectly.

The model shot on the product page shows an absolutely hideous printed dress that clashes horribly with the shoes, so we don't think they've shown them to their best advantage: we'd recommend a simple edgy black dress to make these shoes work for you.