can-you-wear-nike-trainers-olympics.jpgLord Sebastian Coe was undoubtedly expecting a grilling when he went on to Radio 4's Today programme this morning, where he was to face a final set of questions about his handling of the rundown to the Games. He seemed confident about the upcoming event, which begins in a week's time - but we're not sure he was quite prepared for the conversation to turn to the normally benign subject of footwear!

Interviewer Evan Davis wanted answers on the impact that sponsorship deals would have on the Games, and on what will and won't be allowed within the Olympic park. In particular, whether items of clothing bearing certain logos would be deemed acceptable. Many corporations have poured millions into supporting the event, and in recognition for their generosity, it has been agreed that their brands will be protected. This protection will extend to what spectators can and can't do on the site, including the wearing of certain logos.

For example, we can now be sure that the Pepsi logo or brandname will not be allowed on display anywhere in the arena. When asked 'what not to wear at the Olympics', Lord Coe immediately replied: "You probably wouldn't be walking in with a Pepsi T-shirt because Coca Cola are our sponsors". But what about Nike trainers? Nike's arch rivals Adidas is another key sponsor whereas Nike is not. Initially stumped by the question, Lord Coe eventually conceded that logo scrutiny would not extend to trainers: "Let's put some reality in this. You probably would be able to walk through with Nike trainers."

You heard it here, folks: you can probably wear Nike trainers if you're going to watch the Olympics!