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You can't go wrong with a pair of polka-dot peep toes this summer, so if you're looking out for something to complement your summer dresses and capri pants outfits, look no further than Dorothy Perkins where you can pick up this classic style half price at just £20. Their navy blue satin is an ideal match for denims, tricoluer chic or beige/tan colours, and the skinny heel adds a touch of glamour. We love the luxurious looking velvet panelling on the platform, too.

Sling-back shoes like these are a bit of a Shoewawa favourite as they are also fabulously easy to wear: if you're a half size who normally has to suffer the challenges of gel pads and insoles, you'll love the flexible sizing of the elastic strap. The peep toe section is the ideal way to show off your beautifully painted toenails in one of the season's hottest colours, too!