high-heeled-boots.pngWhat have you been wearing on your feet this week? Here in London the weather has been so changeable that we've found ourselves wearing wellies in the morning and flip-flops in the afternoon on some days - and deciding what to wear for a night out presents a major challenge. Do you go for the amazing shoes that match your outfit - and risk losing them to a muddy puddle - or grit your teeth and opt for something more practical?

Luckily, the office is an oasis of dry, so we've mostly solved the problem by stashing our favourite shoes under our desks and changing into them once we're safely inside. We've also been getting into boots - digging out our favourite styles that we'd normally leave at home until October.

Check out the gallery to see how we've got on, and what we've picked out to stay looking stylish - even in wet weather. And while you're here, why not see what we wore two weeks ago - has our style improved?