stella-mccartney-adidas-trainers.pngIf you're channeling the sporting vibe that's in the air for 2012, you'll want to invest in some quality footwear - and the collaboration between Adidas and Stella McCartney will give you everything you need in practicality and style. We love this pink and black training shoe called 'Axyridis Clima' - a lightweight trainer designed for working out.

While this is clearly a pair of Adidas trainers, Stella McCartney's influence shines through, with a black mesh panel that echoes her catwalk creations and not an animal-derived material to be seen. The uppers and soles are held together neatly by a slick rubber seal, and the soles are made from bouncy pink and white rubber with air-flow pockets to help you reach new heights in your routine. Love them as much as we do? They're available from Net-a-Porter now for £100.