stylistpick-lady-dragon-copy.pngStylistpick featured a new shoe on their Facebook page today which we somehow felt like we'd seen before. The reason for this has probably got something to do with the fact that it looks almost identical to Vivienne Westwood and Melissa's iconic Lady Dragon shoe - but with a white heart; a colourway not currently available in the original collection.

The shoe, called 'Sally' is made from black plastic with a white heart and retails on the site at just £20 - a fraction of the cost of the Dragon Lady shoe which usually sells for around £89-£120. We don't have any information on whether the shoes have the same delicious bubblegum scent as the Dame Viv style, but it's not mentioned anywhere on the site write-up, so we'd imagine not. Here's the original to remind you of how similar they look:


What do you think of this style: would you wear it to 'get the look' for less?