nike_free_running.pngWe've had a lot of interest in Nike's Free Running trainers recently, so it's good to see that more colourways are being rolled out in this amazingly streamlined style - designed to simulate barefoot running. If you're not quite brave enough to wear the seriously snazzy (sorry, there is no other word!) 1980s-inspired polkadot trainers we featured earlier in the year, you might just prefer this lovely grey and neon yellow style which is far more subtle and chic!

Available to buy for £75 here at ASOS, the shoes are optimised for your exercise regime, particularly if you're a jogger or a runner. But we'd feel quite comfortable keeping them on after the workout had finished! The 'barely there' approach to sports shoe design is ideal for those who want to keep fit but don't want to fully embrace the 'off down the gym look' at all times, while the styling is distinctly sport-luxe.