diy-louboutins.pngBritish DIY chains such as Homebase have had a bit of a run on a particular shade of red recently, with women apparently arriving in their droves to buy tester pots similar to Pantone-18 Chinese Red: Christian Louboutin's signature shade. The wannabe wearers of Louboutin heels then coat the soles of their high street shoes with the paint, lending them that distinctive allure - as long as nobody looks too closely.

Peter Rooney, Homebase's manager in Acton, West London said: "While many people tend to look at magazines to get the right paint colour for walls, we have recently noticed a significant number of girls in the store colour matching the tester pots to pictures of designer shoes in fashion magazines and requesting tips on how to paint on leather or rubber."

The idea may sound crazy to those who don't aspire to owning a pair of Loubies, but let's not forget that the King of Heels himself first came up with the idea of red soles after playing around with some nail polish, which he applied to the underside of a pair of shoes he'd made. But while Louboutin's soles are made to endure, a painted pair can only last for a short time before they succumb to the perils of the pavement. Fast fashion will always be a throwaway affair!

Have you ever painted the soles of your shoes to look like Louboutins?