Want to buy some really special shoes that could be worth a lot in the future? The wonderful and hard-working volunteer 'Gamesmakers' working on the Olympic Park and other sites were each given a pair of these limited edition, super lightweight Adidas trainers, which are sure to become hugely valuable collector's items, and a few pairs have become available to buy now.

Each pair is emblazoned with 'London 2012', so you can be sure it's the real deal: Many volunteers have held on to the shoes as a souvenir, but we're already starting to see them appearing on eBay, where they're being sold as rare pieces of memorabilia: this men's pair is still for sale at time of writing. There are plenty on the market now, but we don't expect them to stick around long.

So far we've found one pair in a ladies' size 5, and a few more men's pairs dotted around, so if you're wanting to buy a pair to wear rather than keep, you might want to set up an eBay alert as we expect many more to come in over the next few weeks. Prices currently stand at around £20-40 for shoes selling at auction, so you could get a real bargain.