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Studs were once the preserve of only the hardest and toughest looking punk chicks, but nowadays they're everywhere - and they're going to be more prominent than ever this coming autumn/winter season. There are plenty of cheaper knock-offs around if you just want a pair to wear at the odd party, but if this is a look you love and you'd like some quality studded footwear, Dune has some lovely styles to consider.

These spiky-toed 'Blissfield' heels from the current collection are £90 at John Lewis where they're new in. We're seriously tempted by this style, which looks like it could be a staunch ally come party season: the heel has a slender and slightly Miu Miu-esque slant to it, and the small smattering of studs is just enough to give them more edge than your average going-out shoes. And being made from real suede, they'll be easier on the feet than some of the other styles out there, too.