flatform shoe.jpgIt's Thursday, which means it's time to guess the owner of another pair of celebrity shoes! This well-dressed star was snapped striding confidently in a pair of fringed flatforms yesterday as she left her hotel room here in London - but can you guess who she is?

The 'sleb in question is no stranger to edgy style, and has caused no small amount of shock and awe with her shoes and general wardrobe 'attitude' at various high profile events, so we're not surprised to see her wearing a look that not all A-listers will attempt. We think it looks great combined with the long, clingy skirt, creating an effect that's pure grunge with a bit of futuristic chic thrown in for good measure. Way to go *******! 

If you like the shoes, we reckon they might be by McQ, who designed other parts of our heroine's outfit. But for a more wallet-friendly pair check out these flatforms by Odeon (£30) or this lovely style by Bertie (£75)

Think you know the answer? Scroll on to find out...


rihanna 2012.jpg

It's Rihanna! Looking hawt as she strode out of her London hotel in a green McQ leather jacket and a fierce-looking oversized necklace!

[Image: GETTY]