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No prizes for guessing who these fearsome-looking multi studded 'Gaga' shoes are named after! The heel-less masterpieces are the work of Giuseppe Zanotti, and they tap right into the heart of edgy style with all the trappings of an A-list label. Liberally scattered with hundreds of silver and gold spikes and studs, these shoes command attention and respect! And as you might imagine, an A-list budget to match: they'll cost you £1899.

Do it yourself!

Want the look but don't have the funds? This is where our crafty little scheme comes in. May we recommend these Scuplted peep-toe wedges (24.99) from OwnTheRunway as a wallet-friendly alternative? They're some of the cheapest heel-less shoes we've seen, and if you're handy with sequins and glue, you could easily transform these into something that Gaga could rock. Here's what you'll need:

Pack of gold sequins, £2.63
Pack of silver sequins, £2.63
Tube of fabric glue, £4.19

And these budget shoes! £24.99


This is a style that Zanotti has been playing with a lot over the past year or so, but we particularly love this uber decadent bejewelled version: a design he has clearly had fun with, so you can have fun with it too! Use your imagination as much as possible and feel free to add some spikes if you dare: as is the trend for so many of our favourite shoe style just now the back section around the heel is particularly decorative, covered with the biggest spikes that protrude outwards, ensuring the wearer makes a dramatic exit!